Waste Management

At OVO, we apply communications and information technologies to waste collection systems.


We have electronic ID solutions specifically made for waste containers (RFID).

These chips (or transponders) are manufactured by C-Trace company, our partner that is in fully comply with the European norm, approved by AFNOR.

Good to know:

  • Designed for different waste and skip containers
  • Identify the container and record the waste collection level
  • Easy data exchange
  • Absolute security against manipulation
  • Work without energy
  • Guarantee a long operational life and a good reading performance
  • Work in all weather conditions, dust and grime

Telematics Systems of Waste Management

At OVO Solutions, we have solutions that optimize the waste collection management, through different built-in tools for vehicles, such as:

  • RFID/CHIP Reading system

It enables to identify containers via RFID technology automatically and reliably.

  • Display panel

Allows the operator to interact with the system and the ocurrences previously registered.

  • Scale system

Allows the identification of the exact amount of waste production per container and producer.

  • Data transfer

It enables data transfer between the vehicle and the fleet management central system.

Level Sensor

At OVO Solutions, we provide the 360 Waste solution, as an integrated system for the several type of waste collection (glass, paper, plastic, metal, undifferentiated).

The 360 Waste solution has:

  • Level sensors installed in the containers
  • Online platform with built-in tools that help the management process

Based on the data received from the level sensors, this solution will define the most eficiente and optimised collecting routes. This will increase efficiency and reduce costs! Do you want to get more information?

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