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About Us

Who produces and distributes the largest share of recycling containers? OVO does!

We project, produce and commercialize a complete set of solutions for temporary waste containerization and related services. We are positioned along the Environment area of the R&C Group.

For more than 20 years in the Portuguese market, OVO Solutions has been playing a major role, supplying customized solutions for our clients. As the Iberian market leader of recycling containers, we have approximately 200 thousand installed units of our star product – CYCLEA.

At OVO Solutions, we work side by side with our partners and clients aiming to transform cities into better places to live and work. For that reason, we provide technologically advanced solutions that add value, creativity and sustainability to a brand with tradition.


Years of Experience

No. 1

Recycling Containers in the Iberian Peninsula


Installed Units



  1. OTTO.


    First sale at Lisbon.

  2. We've started our business in Spain.

  3. OTTO Industrial.

    1995 - 1996

    Initially in Spain, then Portugal.

  4. Joint Venture between ESE and R&C Holding.


    OTTO Multiservei was born.

  5. OTTO (Europa) turns into ESE.

  6. OVO Solutions.


What Drives Us

Do you know that plastic represents nearly 80% of ocean waste? At OVO, we want to change that!

We work to develop the best solutions for our specific community needs. Research, innovation, sustainability and environmental responsibility are, therefore, values that are always underlying our projects.

At OVO Solutions, we aim to build sustainable and integrated cities, maintaining their own identity, accordingly to our clients’ needs and specificities. Therefore, we never renounce our quality policy.

I & D

Who looks after the R&D department as a strategic area? OVO does!

Our R&D department is commited to developing innovative and sophisticated solutions, through a sustainable process, that meet our communities’ requirements.

The success of this department, based in Portugal, has been reflected in products like the Perfect Wave or the litter bin Summer.